Mineral Springs of Eleftheres of Kavala

The mineral springs Eleftheres of Kavala are located 42 km away from Kavala, on the highway to Thessaloniki, in a verdant valley crossed by the river Marmara and are located 1.5 km away from the sea. The four hot springs cure rheumatism, the arthritis, gynecological problems, while relaxing the muscles and the nervous system.


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Equestrian club of Thessaloniki

The Riding Club of Thessaloniki (IOΘ) located in the Eastern part of Thessaloniki at a very short distance from Pylaia . Established in 1975, is one of the most historic clubs in Greece, and is the second to be established in Northern Greece.
It operates all year round for amateur and sporting activity for kids and adults, the facilities are hosted in a green area next to the school of Arsakeion in Pylaia.


Special Team of Special Missions of Thessaloniki

To date, the Select Team of Special Missions has participated, either preventively or decisively, in emergency situations, but also in social, cultural and sports gatherings of the population, where it was deemed necessary to assist.